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The cast of “The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot.”

Frank Bartucca.

Beth Goldman as Golda

Alice Springer and Bruce Church. (Seated on the gold sofa which was  used in at least five NERC plays.) 

David D’Andrea – Photo by Frank Bartucca

Joe LaGreca



Petr Favazza

Petr Favazza in “Harold and Maude.”

Alice Springer

Dayenne Byron-Walters

Beth Goldman as Amanda.

Bruce Church and Meg Dussault

Bruce Church and Dawn Tucker

Dawn Crocker Tucker

Maggie Canniff in “39 Steps”

Joe LaGreca getting dressed in “Greater Tuna”  

There is a back story to this picture.  Joe exited the stage on the left, changed costumes, crossed back stage and entered on the right, all in 18 seconds.  Thanks to his dressers. 

Mike Kiernan and Bruce Church in “The Dresser”.  Photo by Frank Bartucca

Mike in the “Gin Game”

Beth Goldman as  Mother Theresa

Bruce, Dawn, and Joe

Bruce, Dawn, and Joe

Beth Goldman in “Harold and Maude”