January 2024

The Lifespan of a Fact

The cast of The Lifespan of a Fact – Bruce Church, Petr Favazza, and Beth Goldman.

July 2023


Squabbles cast

(Front) Sara Norton, Leslie Shapiro, Petr Favazza

(Back) Howard Berkenblit, Beth Goldman, Bruce Church, Frank Bartucca 

July 2022

If I Forget

Passionate and provoking, If I Forget is a family play, a political play and a kitchen-sink play. That kitchen isn’t kosher, even though the family who gathers around it — the three adult children of an ailing father — are outspoken Jewish-Americans (NY Times)

Michael Legge, Frank Bartucca, Luke Oliver Lawson, Alice Springer, John Brownlie, Beth Goldman, Lorna Nogueria, written by Steven Levenson and directed by Mike Kiernan


January 2020

Crossing Delancey

The irascible granny and her friend, the matchmaker, have found a “good catch” for Isabel, whose initial reluctance gives way to a blossoming romance when she meets Sam, the pickle vendor.

Alyssa Mott, Mark Prokes, Alice Springer, Beth Goldman and Francis Sheehan were the cast of “Crossing Delancey”, written by Susan Sandler and directed by Mike Kiernan

April 2019

Two Jews Walk Into a War

Kabul’s odd couple, Ishaq and Zeblyan, are the last remaining Jews in Afghanistan. They seek to repopulate the Jewish community – if they don’t kill each other first.

Written by Seth Rozin and Directed by Mike Kiernan

Featuring Frank Bartucca and Bruce Church.

January 2019


Doubt is an inspired study of morality with the compelling structure of an old-fashioned detective drama. A strong-minded woman wrestles with conscience and uncertainty as she faces one of her male colleagues. Written by John Patrick Shanley, directed by Mike Kiernan and starring Beth Goldman and Bruce Church.

Adreyanua Jean-Louis, Beth Goldman, Bruce Church, Jeanette Lake-Jackson in Doubt

August  2018

The Price

By Arthur Miller

Directed by Mike Kiernan and featuring Paul Ahern, Maggie Canniff, Michael Legge and Richard Scott, The Price is a compassionate, humorous and insightful play about two estranged brothers meeting after many years to dispose of their late father’s belongings. The wife of one brother and an old furniture dealer round out the cast of this Arthur Miller classic.

 April 2018 

Rehearsing lines and the dance section with the help of choreographer Lisa Thibodeau


Picking up after Weller Martin’s temper-tantrum.


General House Keeping

 Setting up the Stage



January 2018 –

Bad Jews

(l to r) Megan McKeen, James Lamoureux, David D’Andrea, Katie Killourhy

Comments by Jay Ritt – after seeing Bad Jews 

“Bad Jews” presents the ugly consequences of believing one’s way is the only right way and the importance of listening to opinions which differ from one’s own. In today’s “me” centered world where opposing viewpoints are frequently avoided or ignored, this play focuses on the characters’ inability to get past their divergent beliefs and mourn the loss of their grandfather. It teaches us how not to behave with family members whose choices in life may differ from our own.

The New England Repertory Company has done an outstanding job of presenting a thought-provoking work about family relationships, love and differences.

from Paul Kaufman’s review in Wicked Local – Sharon posted Jan 16, 2018

“…As Daphna and Liam, McKeen and D’Andrea provide powerhouse performances that reminded me of the bickering spouses so juicily portrayed by actors Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas in the classic black comedy film, “War of the Roses.”

“McKeen’s fiery portrayal of Daphna shows us a young woman who behind her biting sarcasm and insults is insecure and alone.
Watch out for D’Andrea – he’s a star in the making. He matches McKeen’s intensity and then some, fully capturing not only Liam’s sense of entitlement, but also ultimately the pure love he feels for his girlfriend and grandfather.
In a supporting role, Lamoureux exudes quiet stoicism as Jonah, a man who while caught between Liam and Daphna’s conflict, will provide theatergoers with a revelation of his own at the play’s conclusion.
Killourhy’s innocent portrayal of Melody provides the moral epicenter of this production. She’s the one bright light amidst all of the turmoil we witness between Liam and Daphna.”

also on the program a short introductory  comedy sketch by Alan Ball

Your Mother’s Butt

Ronni Hochman and Mike Gebrayel in “Your Mother’s Butt.”


August 2017 – Sinai Stage

Lost in Yonkers

Presented by New England Repertory Company, “Lost in Yonkers” premiered at Sinai Stage in August 2017. Written by Neil Simon and directed by Mike Kiernan, the cast included Alice Springer, Chris DiOrio, Joe LaGreca, Ronni Hochman, Megan McKeen, Luke Lawson and Aaron Tamkin.

Set in Yonkers in 1941, two young boys are deposited with their grandmother for an extended time. There they must endure an emotionally crippled family. Laughter and tears come together in this masterpiece, which was the winner of the 1991 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award winner for Best Play.


August 13, 2017

…after seeing NERC’s “Lost in Yonkers“

A Statement by Jim Robinson, Pastor
Unitarian Church in Sharon

“Underneath the witty humor in Neil Simon’s classic play, “Lost in Yonkers”, lies an insightful exploration into one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Life is hard. There are wars, human evil, illness, tragedy and death – even the death of young parents or their beloved children. How do we survive the shattering traumas of life?”

“At times we need to protect our heart with armor of steel. But if our heart becomes hard and closed, then we will foster dysfunctional families. This is the dilemma Neil Simon explores: how to be strong as steel while maintaining a feeling and loving heart, especially in our family.”

“The New England Repertory Company’s production of “Lost in Yonkers” ably communicates both Neil Simon’s delightful humor and his deep insight into human nature.”


April 2017  –  Sinai Stage

Over the River and Through the Woods

Reflections about “Over the River”  upon seeing it –  by Stuart Jacoby

In Italian, the expression “Tengo Famiglia” means more than just its literal translation of “I hold family.” The expression, as author Joe DiPietro shows throughout Over The River and Through the Woods, is more about putting your family first. Nick, the main character, is a 29-year-old marketing executive who travels to Hoboken from New York City every Sunday to have dinner with both his maternal and paternal grandparents.

His grandparents cherish him and are exceedingly proud of him, even if they do not understand where he works or what does. A dilemma presents itself. Nick is offered a promotion, which will require him to relocate to Seattle.

Nick is faced with a choice. Does he place family first (Tengo Famiglia), at the cost of his own individuation and independence, or does he pursue his career and leave? Are they mutually exclusive? Can one take a stand for oneself and also put family first?  He ultimately makes the decision to move, though he cannot really leave his family behind. Nick makes a life for himself, though he never really leaves his family behind.

As we learn from the Abraham and Garden of Eden stories in Genesis, we all go forth. It just looks different for each of us. Sometimes we go forth out of choice. And, sometimes, we are pushed to go forth by another because it is the best thing for us. When it is happening we don’t know how it will work out. We go out into our lives, doing the best we can. We make our own families and enact our own versions of Tengo Famiglia. Thus goes the cycle of life.

This laugh-out-loud comedy tells about the antics of grandparents Frank, Aida, Nunzio, and Emma scheming to marry off their grandson.

A Comedy written by Joe DiPietro, the show is directed by Mike Kiernan.

This production features actors Beth Goldman, Bruce Church, Alice Springer, Robert Ellis Smith, David D’Andrea, and Megan McKeen.


First rehearsal “read through.”

Rehearsing the dinner scene.

Above is the 24×16 stage.  It can be disassembled and stored in the new storage area shown below.

This is the storage area being built  in the social hall of Temple Sinai where the stage is stored.  It also serves as a “green room” during the performances.

September 2016  –  Sinai Stage

My Name is Asher Lev

NERC presents My Name is Asher Lev, a play by Aaron Posner/ Adapted from the novel by Chaim Potok, directed by Mike Kiernan, featuring David D’Andrea, Frank Bartucca and Beth Goldman.davis-dandrea

The award-winning drama tells the powerful story of a  boy prodigy who is driven to be a painter at any cost  – against the will of family, community, and tradition. Born into a Hasidic family in post-World War II Brooklyn, his artistic genius threatens to estrange him from both parents and his observant Jewish community.  The modern classic presents a heartbreaking and triumphant vision of what it means to be an artist.


img_1404 img_1397-1

img_1409 img_0824-1

March 2016Bartucca_151213-1824

Golda’s Balcony  –  Sinai Stage

NERC presents Golda’s Balcony, a play by William Gibson, directed by Mike Kiernan, featuring Beth Goldman as Golda Meir.

The rise of Golda Meir from impoverished schoolgirl to prime minister of Israel is one of the most amazing stories of the 20th century. Now her life has been transformed into a play of overwhelming power and inspirational triumph.


February 2016  – The Black Box Theater in Mansfield

The Dresser  

NERC presents The Dresser, a play by Ronald Harwood, directed by Frank Bartucca, featuring Bruce Church as Norman and Mike Kiernan as Sir; with Barbara Schapiro, Craig O’Connor, Robert Ellis Smith, Rachel Parkman, Alan Conway, Ashley Harmon

During WWII, a tyrannical actor-manager of a theater company is attended by his devoted personal dresser, as the company travels through England during the Blitz. Unsure of his lines as well as who and where he is supposed to be, Sir is determined to roar his last. With Herculean effort on the part of Norman, Sir finally makes it on stage.

ztzsidhav2uaqyakvi2sdt7rfefdczpwvh7-zrsu8us-copy-2     bartucca_160110-2658

bartucca_151222-2032    bartucca_160110-2667


Rumors by Neil Simon

Directed by Beth Goldman


Ensemble:  Mike Kiernan, Barbara Pettis, Cindy McCarron, Alice Springer, Julie Cline, Joe Carlone, Alan Conway,  Mike Legge, Ken Levy, David Giagrando.

109             103              106a



Harold and Maude

by Colin Higgins

Directed by Mike Kiernan

Ensemble included Jake Parkman,Alice Springer, Ruth Shane, Bruce Church, Alan Conway, Jeff Wilson, Robert Ellis Smith, Melissa Franklin, Janet Smith, Beth Goldman, Petr Favazza.

17 2

   Petr Favazza and Beth Goldman


by Margaret Edson

Directed by Mike Kiernan










2014 GreaterTuna

by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard

directed by Mike Kiernan

104-1-942x1024                               09-1-683x1024

The cast of Wit included (l to r) Luke Cohen, Brittany Phillips, Reggie Joseph, Raphel Marinho, Dayenne Walters, Natalie Hebert, Beth Goldman, Jeffrey Wilson, Elizabeth Phillips.


(above) Dayenne Walters and Raphel Marinho

(left) Dayenne with Natalie Hebert


The three female actors (Dayenne Walters, Natalie Hebert, Beth Goldman) were nominated for best actor and best supporting actor  awards  in the Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theaters’ Dash Award competition in 2015.










Bruce Church and Joe LaGreca in a couple of their 19 costume changes.


Seventeen seconds to exit stage right, change costume, cross behind the set, and enter left.


All My Sons

by Arthur Miller

Directed by Mike Kiernan


1536450_750905614938425_1636113014_n-copyCast: Beth Goldman and Frank Bartucca as Kate and Joe Keller.  Also Bruce Church, Janet Schmidt, Aaron Jaros, Megan DeSimone, Mike Gebrayel, Maggie Canniff, Joe LaGreca, and Stephen Saba






45 Seconds From Broadway

by Neil Simon

Directed by Beth Goldman


Cast includes Joe LaGreca, Alex Pires, Paul Dixon, Ken Levy, Megan DeSimone, Julie Cline, Elizabeth Phillips, Ruth Shane, Ted Koban, Alan Conway, Alice Springer, Jeanette Lake-Jackson, Beth Goldman.

10152424_10203578759055924_757059404_n-copy 1972496_10203578758695915_1908144477_n-copy  10154135_10203578755575837_658733290_n-copy


The Sisters Rosensweig

by Wendy Wasserstein

Directed by Mike Kiernan



1012140_10152333717345948_1686243848_n-copy 09  image-5

The sisters were Meg Dussault, Dawn Tucker, and Jennifer Mischley. Their suiters were Davi Anderson, Tom Grenon, and  Bruce Church. Also Dori Levit and Luke Cohen.


Dead Giveaway

by Mary Orr and  Reginald Denham

Directed by Mike Kiernan


(front row) Ninette Cummings, Alexandre Bookstein, Kelly Whelan, Jacob Waxman, Bruce Church, (back row) Joe Lagreca, Dayenne Walters, Liz Phillips (dead body), Kerry Dailey, Richard Scott

942258_443493489075742_2107786699_n-copy 914041_10201167179327938_1762480820_o-copy

Hollywood Arms

by Carrie Underwood and Carol Burnett

Directed by Dawn Tucker

Cast includes (front) Stephanie Carlson*,Sarah Dube, Beth Goldman, Julianne Fournier, Kevin Early, (back ) Jeanette Lake-Jackson, Brian Kelly, Liz Phillips, Bruce Church, Arthur O’Neill, Joe LaGreca, Jordan MacKenzie. Bruce Fischer and Doug McDougal not shown.


mmas11-copy          mmas07-copy  mmas14-copy  mmas08-copy


The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot

By Stephen Guirgis

Directed by Mike Kiernan


(Front row) Jeanette Lake-Jackson, Chris Kent, Tyler Lawson, Joe LaGreca, Ninette Cummings, Alice Springer, Alexandre Bookstein, Rachel Morandi, (Back row) Justin Pimentel, Richard Scott, Jordan Mackenzie, Joe Favazza, Tom Grenon, Ken Levy, Michael Gebrayel, Tucker Carter, Rafael Marinho, Dayenne Walters, Beth Goldman, Bruce Church

737215_10200352330077216_1008503213_o-copy  738230_10200352468640680_186991884_o-copy  img_3163-copy

The production team –

11231223_707852055980973_843351335868678958_o  img_0187 img_0527 bartucca_160105-2578-copy-1

The man in the booth – Bruce Webster; Costumer M.J.McCool; Director Tom Hunter;  Stage manager Alan Conway.


A Nice Family Gathering

by Phil Olsen

Directed by Mike Kiernan

photo group5x7-copy

4                                                        2-copy

Cast includes: David Anderson, Alice Springer, Bruce Church, Rich Stiles, Rachel Morandi, Maggie Canniff, Fred Armstrong


Gin Game

by D.L.Coburn

Directed by Tom Hunter

With Beth Goldman and Mike Kiernan

image-4 580013_452418744787115_773823809_n-1

547951_452417444787245_1638638317_n-1                            403412_452417538120569_1712298606_n

39 Steps

by Patrick Barlow

Directed by Beth Goldman

img_0948-1 dscn4915-copy

img_0864                 img_0920-copy              img_0949

39 Steps cast included Bruce Church, Maggie Canniff, Brian Dunham, and Peter Fitzgerald.


Tea and Sympathy

by Robert Anderson

Directed by Mike Kiernansecuredownload-3_2

cast-picture-cropped-copy                          img_0796

Cast: Jennifer Mischley and Petr Favazza; with Mikey Schanz, Peter Fitzgerald, Joe LaGreca, Kerry Dailey, Tyler Lawson, Joe Duda, Curtis Bellafiore, and Richard Stiles.

A Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Mike Kiernan

principles-copy-1           ensemble-copy

eunice-steve-copy  6-copy mitch-and-blanche-3-copy

Curtis Bellafiore (Stanley), Maggie Canniff (Stella), Dawn Tucker (Blanche), Joe LaGreca (Mitch), Sarah Barlow, Arlene Coccia, Alan Conway, Peter Fitzgerald, Jeanette Lake-Jackson, Tyler Lawson, Rachel Morandi, Benjamin Medeiros.

Moon Over Buffalo

by Ken Ludwig

Directed by Mike Kiernan

buffalo-cast-pic-copy                        beth-frank-close-up-copy

img_0675-copy                                                      img_0665-copy

Cast: Frank Bartucca, Bruce Church, Peter Fitzgerald, Mario DaRosa Jr, Beth Goldman, Maggie Canniff, Barbara Pettis, Emily Sidman.

Biloxi Blues

by Neil Simon

Directed by Mike Kiernan

kump2-copy  4x6-group-copy

Ensemble includes Curtis Bellafiore, Petr Favazza, Michael Gebrayel, Mario DaRosa, Katie Brush, Kenard Jackson, Rosemarie Sirois, Peter Fitzgerald, Joe LaGreca.

img_0587-copy       img_0592-copy


Food Chain 

by Nicky Silver

Directed by Mike Kiernan

Set Design by Ted Talanian

bea-and-amanda-copy    serge-copy

5-copy                     11-copy                          foodchaincast2-copy

Cast includes Paul Dixon, Maggie Canniff, Steve Valdez, Alice Springer, and Brian Dunham.

The play received a nomination for Best Play and Mike Kiernan was nominated for Best Director in the 2010 annual EMACT’s Dash Award  program.

One Act Plays – 2006, 2008, 2010

Phillip Glass Buys A Loaf Of Bread,  American Dream, Birdbath,  My Mother’s Butt,  Twirler,  Fam and Yam,  Hello Out There,  Red Coat,  Loveliest Afternoon,  Sorry Wrong Number,  Zoo Story 

alice-springer-2008-copy  jerry-peter-copy meg-quin-dusault-copy

cast-copy    image13-44



Lost In Yonkers

by Neil Simon

Directed by Mike Kiernan

3-copy  yonkers2-copy

img_0447 img_0439

Tim Traversy, Petr Favazza, Beth Goldman, Maggie Canniff, Fred Armstrong, Michelle Monti, Paul Dixon


The Glass Menagerie

by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Mike Kiernan

jim-laura-amanda-copy                   amanda-tom2-copy

jim-laura-2-copy                    crew6-copy

Beth Goldman, Lucas Lloyd, Brian Dunham, Jocelyn Winzer Chek




by William Nicholson

Directed by Lucas Lloyd


(front) Alina Favazza, Matt Kassler, Lucas Lloyd, Alice Springer, (back) Paul Bono, Mike Kiernan, Joe LaGreca, Bruce Church, Tom Ostrinski, Frank Bartucca, Dawn Tucker, Joe Favazza.






Enter Laughing

by Joseph Stein

Directed by Mike Kiernan

enter-laughing-cast-008-copy enter-laughing-cast-117-copy

(front) Jon Saphire, Jessica Kaddish, Brian Kelly, Alice Springer, Joe LaGreca, Alan Conway,

(back) Ted Harris, Maggie Nichols Canniff, Petr Favazza, Bruce Church, Alina Favazza, Mike Kiernan, Kate Brush.

enter-laughing-cast-198-copy enter-laughing-cast-162-copy enter-laughing-cast-062-copy enter-laughing-cast-174-copy

img_0183          enter-laughing-cast-018           enter-laughing-cast-148-copy


Broadway Bound

(The third play in Neil Simon’s trilogy – Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi Blues, Broadway Bound))

Directed by Mike Kiernan

img_0087               brothers-praying-2-copy

Alice Springer, Joe LaGreca, Bob Emery – seated, Lucas Lloyd, Barbara Pettis, Brian Kelly.

mom-sons2-copy                             dads-home-copy                              father-daughter2-copy


On Golden Pond

by Ernest Thompson

Directed by Michael Duncan Smith

ogp-cast-copy            beth-mike-copy

picture-001-copy   picture-005-copy  picture-010-copy

ogp-set-2-copy                              backs-copy


Brighton Beach Memoirs

by Neil Simon

Directed by Mike Kiernan

full-cast  picture-024-copy

picture-041-copy  picture-038-copy   petr-copy


Pound Of Flesh

by Michael Bolus

Directed by Tom Hunter

castkiernan-copy  mike_mag-copy pof_set-copy

Scenery:  The floor was painted by art director Glenn Fourier, who dresses all of the sets at the Black Box Theater.  The table was made by Mike Kiernan after a design found in the journals of Ezra Pound.

pound-of-flesh-background-copy          cast        hunter-copy

Cast:  Mike Kiernan as Ezra Pound, Michael Duncan Smith, Jean Swebe. Directed by Tom Hunter


Our Town 

by Thornton Wilder

Directed by Mike Kiernan

Produced at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Sharon, MA, on the occasion of its centennial celebration.


Cast:  (front row) Petr Favazza, Kyle Segelin, Alina Favazza, Adie Jalfin, Samantha Luo, Analise Favazza,  (middle row) Bruce Church, Joe Favazza, Marty Abrams, M.J.McCool, Michael Methot, Jeanette Jackson, Patricia Chane, John Ford, (back row) Michael Duncan Smith, Jocelyn Winzer Chek, Alex Chek, Charlene Winslow, Anne Gardner, Dawn Tucker, Bob Emery, Brendan Rogers, Mike Kiernan, (not shown: Wendy Lou)


Lost In Yonkers

by Neil Simon

Directed by Mike Kiernan


Cast included Cindy Ballard, Kelly Crawford, Vincent Delsignore, Brian Kelly,

Jim Martin, Danny McSweeney, and Alice Springer.

(No pictures are available from this production.)



by Yasmin Reza

Directed by Mike Kiernan


Mike Larose, Josh Kiernan, Joe LaGreca


Christmas Feast

by Bunny Bronson

Directed by Vera Wayne


Puri Shyang, Anna DiStefano, Cheryl Ianotti, Lynn Latham, Patrick McAuliffe,

Dawn Tucker, Bruce Church, Rob Hyland, Mike Kiernan

1997 – 2001  – Directed by Tom Hunter


St. Joseph On His Head

Some Kind Of Certainty (Directed by Vera Wayne)

Hello Out There

Loveliest Afternoon 


Marriage of Bette and Boo (Directed by Bill Mootos)

Last Baby Boomer (Directed by Bill Mootos)

Nurses From Nam

What Doesn’t Kill Us


All My Sons

by Arthur Miller

Directed by Tom Hunter


(l to r) Josh Kiernan, Lynn Latham, Nicole DaRosa, Newell Young, Mike Kiernan, unidentified boy,

Bob Emery, Rue Siegel, Tom Hunter, John Carozza, Diane Clagg.

Rehearsal picture taken at Murray Chapel. Performances were at Dean College.



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The cast of The Lifespan of a Fact Bruce Church, Petr Favazza, and Beth Goldman.